Art Doings at the Morris Garage
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Entry for April 11, 2008
Above is a photo of the show at Java John's cafe, taken by Kate. Paintings by Kate, ceramic vegetables by me. No sales, no surprise. I am surprised, though, that the expected rejection letter from Lincoln Arts for the Feats of Clay never arrived. It makes one wonder how well they got the entries together for the juror's viewing and if some "slipped through their hands." The fee for entering certainly didn't slip through anyone's hands, the check was promptly cashed. I'm sure artists would cringe if they witnessed "behind the scenes" handling of juried shows. These shows are money transfusions for galleries and art organizations, and they would do well not to alienate or discourage artists from entering with this apparent disregard. When artists receive responses like that from the Artery in Davis (please open attachment "rletter") or no response at all, like from Lincoln Arts, it certainly discourages participation. So, if any juried art organizers read this, here are some hints: handle things in the professional manner you expect from artists; be timely in your "accept" or "reject" response; give the artists some personal encouragement to enter again by reminding them that their participation is appreciated; let artists know how many entered and how many were accepted; include a juror's statement explaining their selection criteria; post images of selected pieces online. If these suggestions were followed, it would be a great service to artists who struggle for reasons to throw money into entering juried shows. Okay, enough whining for today.

2008-04-11 15:37:47 GMT