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Entry for April 18, 2008
Yay! One of Kate's paintings sold at Java John's cafe. Whoopee. She was happy, but suspicious that maybe it was one of her friends with money trying to please her. Who cares? They must have liked it, right? Above is the container I made for the Hospitality House auction on April 30th. It's called "Full House." Hospitality House is the local homeless shelter. The auction takes place at the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley. Wine and chocolate. It sounds like fun, but I have a music rehearsal that night and can't go. I'm hoping Kate will go and report back to me. I just signed up to participate in ClayFest, a one-day ceramics street fair in Lincoln, CA, on May 3. I'm undecided as yet what my strategy will be: show interesting things that most likely won't sell, or show mostly masks that have a good chance of selling? I'm sure the state board of equalization would prefer the latter.  I'll definitely bring my vegetables from the Java John show.

2008-04-18 22:00:37 GMT