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Entry for May 1, 2008
Yesterday, Kate and I took down our show at Java Johns. Already a month is up! Each of us had a piece bought by some lucky person, so I guess we can declare the show a success. It's so weird to put your work out there and not have a good sense of what's happening with it, who's looking at it, the impressions they come away with... When I did group shows at a big annual ceramic show in Davis, I used to spy on people looking at my work. It was disappointing to see how little time people spend appraising artwork. I was hoping they'd faint or get really excited, but no, not usually. You get occasional feedback that lets you know your work has been appreciated, occasional sales, and that keeps you going. Is the desire to create enough? I don't think so. I think you need outside encouragement, too. Especially when confronted with a studio filled with stuff! Making sculpture is particularly problematic because they're so physically there! You can stack paintings, but sculptures demand space. I have to be merciless and leave them out to decay or when overcome by their muchness, smash them into bits. Some are exempt. Okay, back on track. Saturday, for the Clayfest in Lincoln, I'll be taking Laura, pictured above, for her final outing as first lady. That was a long eight years, wasn't it? I'll also have a variety of masks and vegetables (ceramic) to sell. The weather is supposed to be very nice, so maybe lots of people will come out for it.

2008-05-01 16:15:24 GMT