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Entry for May 7, 2008
The Board of Equalization is going to be so disappointed in me. Once again, I failed to gather much taxes. If my goal at the Lincoln Clayfest was sales, then I should be disappointed. But if my goal was to witness the guy in the booth next to me making lots of sales, then I have succeeded admirably. It was a good decision to bring two large sculptures. Several people took photos of their companions with the Laura Bush bust. A border collie barked at her. There were a couple of people who thought she was Hillary Clinton? How? I made a couple of masks while not selling things, pictured above. I got to talk to some interesting people, and chat with some clay friends, and get perspective on the whole art/craft thing. I have great admiration for the people who do these street fairs ten or more times a year and actually support themselves. It's hard work. There weren't huge crowds, and I think sales were generally sparse for everyone (except the guy next to me), but I don't see it as a wasted day. I probably won't do it next year, though.

2008-05-07 15:43:30 GMT
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And she said she'd never do it again.
That was two years ago.
2008-05-20 05:19:16 GMT