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Entry for May 23, 2008
So, I'm back in my studio after a week and a half of my eldest daughter and her husband visiting from Boston. I spent a lot of that time playing Renaissance music at a nearby fair that raises money for a local school. I spent a few days making a Tudor era dress for my daughter to wear next year because she didn't like being a peasant wench at the fair this year. She goes to Harvard, so I guess she's obliged to be upper-class. You can see in the photo what a good wench she makes. Back in my studio, I've been surveying my stash of artwork trying to decide which piece to donate to the KVIE public television art auction. It's a juried competition of sorts, because artists who submit work on their own and not through a gallery have a good chance of being rejected. Accepted artists donate their piece outright and are supposed to be happy for the exposure. I don't have television, so I don't know whether I should be happy or not. Last year, my piece was auctioned in the very last lot. I couldn't decide if that was an insult or not. Artists are trying to get the tax laws changed so they can deduct the value of a donated artwork. Right now, we can only deduct the value of the materials required to make the art. Clay is relatively cheap, so a piece I make that might be sold for hundreds of dollars will get me a deduction of maybe fifty dollars. Anyway, Kate is submitting a very nice painting this year. Last year, she wasn't chosen but we'll see what happens this year.

2008-05-23 16:25:31 GMT