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Entry for June 9, 2008
My latest project pictured above. The top image is after the old hood and copper tile were removed. It's kind of cool, like a 60's painting. The bottom is the new tilework. We had this 70's range hood, harvest gold of course, that everyone has been smacking their head into for the past 15 years. Finally, we got around to replacing it. Unfortunately, while re-doing the roof vent for the range hood, it was discovered the roof needed a lot of work and so now re-roofing the kitchen is underway. This tile backsplash was done with leftover tile from the bathroom and a few additional pieces picked up at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. No plan ahead of time. Just a hammer and lots of time. I finally got around to seeing "Out of the Blue" Roseville Arts membership show at the new Blue Line Gallery. It was a very mixed show, as would be expected, since anyone who pays the fees can show a piece and gets to choose what to show. My piece got stuck in the back room, not the worst place possible, but not very good either. I think if I had belonged to R.A. for a longer time, perhaps I would have had a more favorable position. I was surprised to find my piece had been broken. Not badly, but still it would have been nice to be informed and allowed to touch up the part that was chipped. It's one of those situations where the gallery has made the artists sign a statement releasing them from any responsibility as far as damage goes. This is the first time I've had one of my large wall pieces damaged. I wonder how it happened. Kate and I took our work over to KVIE. We'll find out in a week of so if they were accepted. Coincidentally, the juror this year is the chief curator at the Roseville Blue Line Gallery. The volunteers receiving work were much more appreciative and enthusiastic than last year. It makes you feel better about donating work. I was sad to see the Julie Baker Gallery in downtown Nevada City empty and the building for lease. She closed the local gallery in order to start up a new one in New York. We still have the Mowen Solinsky Gallery, but there's not really a gallery that focuses on one or two artists' work like urban galleries do.

2008-06-09 16:04:57 GMT