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Entry for June 17, 2008
Above is a photo of some skeletons I'm working on. They haven't been fired yet. I'm still trying to get the roofing done. The guy at the hardware store has messed up my shingle order twice and then laughs it off. I wish I were a big burly construction worker and could scare him into getting it right. Or else. Last week, I went to a talk held by Placer Arts and the California Lawyers for the Arts at the Roseville Library. It was a long way to drive, but I did learn a few things. One thing I learned is there are a LOT of artists around. It boggles the mind thinking about all that artwork piling up all across California. No wonder there is such competition for gallery space, over-flowing into hairdressers and coffee shops, or wherever else one might hang a painting. From the questions asked at this talk, one can assume artists are being used and abused at every opportunity. This is probably because we are so anxious to get our work out in the public eye, we hesitate to demand respect or enforce our rights because that might lessen the chance someone will show our work. Two things I found out at the talk: 1. When your work is being sold on consignment, the gallery is responsible for it while in their possession. Even if they have you sign something claiming they have no liability, they are still liable; 2. Artists can only "suggest" prices they would like their work to be sold at, because otherwise it is price-fixing, which is illegal. The gallery can sell it at whatever price they choose. This seems a little weird, but that's what the lawyer said. There was also a lot of talk about copyright. I guess it's a big issue with images being taken off the internet and used elsewhere. I haven't had any problems like that...yet.

2008-06-17 21:41:05 GMT