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Entry for June 25, 2008
I just put my skeletons in the kiln for their bisque firing. They look pretty happy about it, so I hope they make it through okay. The air is disgusting today. All the hundreds of forest fires started by Saturday's lightning storm are conspiring to create foul and sinister looking air that makes breathing unpleasant. Fortunately, I don't have to be outside in it, if I don't want to be. I'm hoping it will all be gone by the weekend when I'm playing music at the Fair Oaks Tudor Fayre. The grosbeak that I found dead in the vegetable garden and buried was dug up (and not eaten) by something. It was pretty dessicated, so I just threw it in the bushes this time. I would have saved it for Kate to photograph, but she is out of town this week. I should check and see if anything ate the dead duckling I put up on a hill away from the house (a hawk killed it but couldn't carry it off). Birds tend to decay in a less stinky way than mammals. Nature is like a churning machine chewing things up, spitting them out, constantly recycling, over and over. I think that's why I like making the skeletons. It reminds me that while I go about my usual activities - poof! - someone dies, something ceases to exist, something is transformed - somewhere. And someday, it will be me.

2008-06-25 18:31:50 GMT