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Entry for July 11, 2008
The above photo is of Kate's painting that she submitted for the KVIE art auction. It didn't get in, but she donated it to another fundraising cause. They use the artwork that isn't part of the on-air auction for employee auctions and other things. I hope it finds a good home. It's a nice painting. The piece I submitted did get in, "Icon for a Biker: Adoration for the Thorn-resistant Innertube." It was created for a bicycle-themed show in Pacifica. The icons are meant to be the center of an altar protecting the user from flat tires and other mishaps on their bicycle rides. So far, the KVIE auction is the only juried show I've gotten into this year. Yoshio Taylor was the juror for the California State Fair 3-D portion of the Fine Arts show this year. He didn't choose my portrait of Hillary Clinton. There could have been a lot of reasons for that. I got three rejections in one envelope from the State Fair. Two weren't for me. This year they had no limit on the amount of art that could be entered. I think they were trying to balance California's budget with entry fees alone! I'm working on a piece for the county fair. It is not juried and the only limitation is size and "family friendliness." I like to submit something to this each year to help balance out all the landscapes and draft horses. Usually, I am the only professional ceramic sculptor in the show. I think no one else wants to bother. Tomorrow I go to pick up my piece from the member show at the Blue Line gallery in Roseville. I'm debating whether I should bother submitting work to the open show there, but Phil Linhares is the juror, so I might. Besides, they could use the money, right?

2008-07-11 18:28:05 GMT