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Entry for January 14, 2008
I made it to Second Saturday in Sacramento, but with little energy to spend among the throngs. My daughter Kate and I first went to Ikea to look for a few items for the house she just moved into. After about 40 minutes in that huge palace of consumer goods, we both felt a little panicked and ready to leave. It's not that easy, of course. You must follow the arrows on the floor leading you through lovely room settings that try to shame you into purchases. Their ploy didn't work well enough, and we ended up with only a throw rug.

Eventually, we made it to downtown Sacramento. The intention of the art walk, for us, was to see all of Ron Peetz' work, so we started out at the Axis gallery. Actually, we went into its neighbor, the Center for Contemporary Arts, first. Its not really fair to try to evaluate art on Second Saturday because the bustling atmosphere is not conducive to contemplation. It's sort of a love-at-first-sight situation. Kate and I both liked the taxidermied white rat with plastic grapes emerging from its fur. It was mounted high on a wall. The Axis gallery was far too crowded to really look at much in the group show of the co-ops members, so we left to go to Ron's solo show at b. sakata garo. I really liked Peetz' re-imagined tuba case, and Kate and I both liked the missile-shaped ceramic cone with an updated version of "Guernica" painted on it. It's a good show, go see it. Our gallery adventures finished up in nearby Solomon Dubnick gallery. Not so crowded, but what's with all the kids out? Yes, it's good for kids to see art, but it was weird to see so many around. Anyway, Gerald Heffernon's life-size creatures are really something to see. When he had the show at the Crocker, it was a bit overwhelming, but just three are on display here and are quite striking.

2008-01-14 18:02:13 GMT