Art Doings at the Morris Garage
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Entry for July 23, 2008
Above is the piece I made especially for the county fair. I think kids should like it, though they might try to make it rock. I will attach it to a wood base to discourage that. The theme for the fair is "barnyard buckaroos." It will probably be the only skeleton buckaroo there. At least I hope so. I had a really hard time taking it out of the kiln because the skeleton did not want to stay upright on the horse, and since the glaze is molten when doing raku, like sticky syrup, it kept trying to attach itself to the horse in bizarre positions and attach to other things in the kiln. But it worked out okay, rebending and some epoxy employed. I wonder what percentage of epoxy you can use before you have to declare a piece "mixed media"?

2008-07-23 16:18:20 GMT