Art Doings at the Morris Garage
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Entry for September 3, 2008

Above is the mask I'm working on for the SMUD mask show that is in October. It's a pretty good venue. A lot of people see the work and it is displayed nicely in the lobby of the SMUD building in Sacramento. I appreciate being invited to participate in it each year. If the mask looks strange, that's because it's upside down. I just glued down the wire on the back. It has a lot of wire hair, which is a pain in the ass to attach. Saturday, Sept. 6,  is the opening for the Open Show at the Blue Line Gallery in Roseville. I haven't been to one of their openings yet. I plan to go this time to see what they're like. They also started up a gift shop that I wanted to check out to see if it's appropriate for my masks. I've signed up to go on a tour to the Chihuly show at the de Young museum in San Francisco through Roseville Arts. They charter a bus that starts in Roseville. I need to start working on my Altar Show piece soon. I wish I had a gallery that wanted to show my skeletons, but maybe more people will see them if I have them at the Altar Show. They'd be at more risk than the county fair art show, though. Hmmm....

2008-09-03 22:02:57 GMT