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Entry for September 8, 2008

Above is the mask I made for the SMUD (Sacramento) mask show next month. It's pretty large, but made of paper clay, so not as heavy as it would be if it were made of regular sculpture clay. Kate and I went to the opening for the Blue Line Gallery's (Roseville) Open Show on Saturday evening. I was recovering from a migraine, and it was really hot, so we didn't stay long. Kate always wants to go thrift shopping before we do other things, so we arrived in Roseville too early and had to kill time by visiting plants at the home depot. They have some nice tropical looking plants that would never grow up here. It was sad to see all the plants withering from the dry winds. I think the waterers can't keep up with the dehydration. There were shopping carts full of half or more-than-half-dead plants. I wanted to save them. Anyway, back to the opening... the show was pretty good. Much, much better than the member's show in May. I always feel sorry for the people whose work they stick in the hallway to the bathroom. But actually, maybe those works are looked at more than any of the others. My piece was put in a very prime spot. I really appreciate that. It looks great. I was disturbed during the opening that this woman had her back to the piece and her purse was a mere inch from whacking into it. She seemed quite oblivious and remained there for a long time conversing with someone, the purse perilously swaying from her elbow. I don't know why people do that. I hear through the grapevine that I got an award for my piece. I hope it was  a "need not be present to win" situation.

2008-09-08 20:20:37 GMT