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Entry for September 18, 2008

Above is one of the unfired masks I've been working on.  I'm trying to make one each day, sort of like the Daily Painters who paint one small painting each day. I alternate between a dog and a cat. It is an interesting exercise. Of course, with ceramics there is more to it. Each mask must be dried, bisqued, glazed, and fired again before it is finished. There was a review of the Blue Line Gallery's Open Show in last Friday's (9/12) Sacramento Bee by Victoria Dalkey. I got a nice mention. A whole sentence of my own. She said the Roseville show was better than the Fine Arts show at the State Fair. Since I didn't get into the State Fair (entering the same piece that's in the Roseville show), those were welcome words. Art reviews rarely appear in newspapers anymore, so that made this review even more appreciated. It's strange how things seem to exist more distinctly when they appear in the media.

2008-09-18 19:22:34 GMT