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Entry for October 7, 2008

Above is the last load of unfired cat and dogs. Now, I'll start on coloring and glazing them all.  My husband and I went to see the Chihuly exhibit at the de Young in San Francisco a couple of weekends ago. We went not so much to see that exhibit in particular but to see the museum and other exhibits. The Chihuly exhibit was a little overwhelming it its attempt at drama and spectacle. It reminded me of childhood rides to look at Christmas light displays in suburban neighborhoods. It had that kind of magical color and glow. But is it art? I don't know. It may lead one to art. I can imagine it would be easy to go from the Chihuly exhibit directly to a late Rothko, or any color field painter. You'd have to go to the MOMA for that.  It was extremely crowded in the exhibit and 9 out of 10 people had cameras or cell phone cameras they were determined to use 100% of the time. Very awkward trying to view the displays without bumping someone taking pictures. In other areas of the museum, I especially enjoyed the antique African art. Most particularly, the wooden and mixed media humanlike characters that were kind of like voodoo dolls but where used to ask for advice or influence outcomes. Each time a favor was sought, a nail was hammered into it. They had much presence. KVIE art auction is over. I've been told it was kind of lame, and the announcers would stress the art's frame style more than the content of the art itself. Lots of landscapes. I guess that's par for the course. I never even looked at the auction's website, that's how excited I was about the whole thing. I hear my piece was in the last time slot on Saturday. I'll take that as a compliment that it is difficult to lump my work with the rest. The SMUD mask show is on now.  Ron Peetz, a fine and distinguished artist, snatched up my piece before it was even up. Is he crazy or what? And the Altar Show is coming up. Nevada County fairgrounds Oct. 26th through early November. That's about it.

2008-10-07 16:17:00 GMT