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Entry for October 24, 2008
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Fall is here. No rain but colder for sure. I've been taking advantage of this dry weather to dig some of the muck out of the pond. This is no small task as many feet of silt have accumulated through the years. I've been setting up my altar out at the fairgrounds for the annual Altar Show. There were a couple of empty adjacent spaces, so I decided to take them, too, so I can show some of my skeletons. I'm a little worried they will be molested, but those are the chances one must take. Three of my small sculptures are supposed to be in a toy-related show out at the Sacramento Airport late November. I hope all the bleary-eyed and bored airport denizens will enjoy them. I'm donating one of my sculptures to the Center for Contemporary Arts, Sacramento annual auction. This will be my third year. I think it's good exposure and this space is one of the few nonprofits showing "edgy" contemporary art. So, it's a worthy cause. The art is up for most of November with the auction at the end. A good place to pick up some art at a bargain price. That's it. Must go muck more.
2008-10-24 16:23:47 GMT