Art Doings at the Morris Garage
Musings on local art scene, or lack of it. What's going on of interest (in my opinion). What am I doing lately?
Entry for January 22, 2008
I was fully intending to visit some local galleries in Nevada City to see what they put up recently. Julie Baker Gallery has some artists' interpretations of trees to go with the recent SYRCL environmental film festival. It'll be up for awhile yet, so I still have time to procrastinate. Meanwhile, my husband decided this snowy weekend was the perfect time to rip out the bathtub and old yucky wallboard to re-do the bath. Of course, he discovered water damage, so now the project has expanded to include repair. I am almost forced by my alleged title of "artiste" to create a tile tub surround of unbelievable imaginative scope. Fortunately, art has a lot more leeway than craft. Which is not to say I'll do a sh--ty job. Oh, the image at the top is a lovely little present that Grey Kitty left on the darkroom floor. He also left the bottom half, presumably eating all that was in between. Such a good kitty. My mantra for this week: I will be productive...I will be productive...I will be....

2008-01-22 21:01:43 GMT