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Entry for November 30, 2008
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These skeletons are one of my altars for the Altar Show that was at the Nevada County Fairgrounds for ten days in late October and early November. The "lovely" mural is a permanent part of the fairgrounds decor that altaristas must either disguise or incorporate in their altars each year. Every year, I don't really want to do the altar show, but then I end up doing it, and am happy I did. It really is a different way to get your art out into the public realm and is viewed in a completely different way than if it were in a gallery on some pedestal. Not very many altars are done as "art" but as personal expressions by community members, often in honor of a recently deceased family member or friend. My altars were in the "dark room" which makes it really difficult to plan ahead of time, because I am responsible for illuminating my altar myself and it is hard to judge how effective it is until it is actually installed. In other news, I brought three pieces to be part of a show at the Sacramento Airport in Terminal B. Because they are supposed to be installed in the secure area with the ticketed passengers, I'll probably never see it in person. My piece I donated for the art auction at the Sacramento Center for Contemporary Arts did not sell. How sad. It's the first time this has happened to me, though I shouldn't be too surprised, since for the last two years one demented person has been the sole bidder on my work. I guess she just couldn't get behind a rat this year. Next week, I'll be bringing a lot of the cat and dog masks I finally finished to the Pamela Skinner/Gwenna Howard gallery in Sacramento for their annual cat and dog show. I worked really hard on them to get the glazes to my satisfaction. Some are fired four times. This show is a fundraiser for animal charities. It seems like everything I participate in is a fundraiser. Hmmm.... what does that say about me and my work? "You'll never make me a millionaire": infamous utterance of a gallery owner I don't deal with anymore. Below is my other altar. It has an interior space with images of my husband's dead relatives that are printed on transparencies. In the background is a mixed media piece by local artist Jim Mullen.

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