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Entry for January 25, 2009
my photo

Above is a photo of a work in progress. Or part of a work in progress. I decided to do another large piece, after not doing one for over a year. It gets a little depressing finishing them and then putting them in storage. I know I shouldn't think that way, that I should just do them, try to get them out in public, and let things happen how they'll happen... but still, to put so much energy and time into something and then not be able to share it is disappointing. The head for this piece is in the kiln right now. It doesn't fit very well, a little big and precarious, so I'm hoping it will make it through okay. I'm enjoying working on something more ambitious and complex than I have been. The small things are fun to do and less stressful, since there's less at stake, and usually easier to sell. Speaking of which, all my animal masks in the cat and dog show came back home, except one. What's with that? I know they were good, so I'm puzzled. C'est la vie. At least I'll have a lot of work to show in May at Java John's with Kate. Kate and I are participating in a fundraiser event for a local community center. We decorate a canvas bag that is subsequently auctioned off. Kate's is very nice, with her trademark birds appliqued onto it. Mine is silly. But you'll have to go to the event at the Nevada County Fairgrounds on February 13, if you want to see or bid on them. We're also going to do the fundraiser for the local homeless shelter, Hospitality House, set for May. As for "serious" art events, I probably will submit a piece to the California Clay Competition held in Davis. The membership show at the Blue Line Gallery in Roseville is nicely displayed this year. Strangely, my piece is put very, very low near the ground, but it isn't a terrible spot. I went to hear a lecture by Michael Bishop who was the juror for the Crocker Kingsley exhibition this year. It is at the downtown library in Sacramento. There were some good pieces, the lighting was not the best, but it was good to get out and look at other artists' work. I plan to do more of that this year.

2009-01-25 19:11:13 GMT