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Entry for February 26, 2009
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Pictured above is an unfired load of the new icons I'm working on. They aren't nearly as large as the wall portraits I do, but that will make them easier to finish and not as heavy to hang. The snow mid-month cancelled everything I wanted to do. The canvas bag fundraiser out at the fairgrounds was postponed until an undisclosed time. I guess the show out at the airport has been taken down. One person I know actually saw my work in Terminal B. Kate and I went to a local cafe, Coffeetown, in Grass Valley to see a show by one of her friends. On Monday a new show opens there. Eight local painters created a new painting each day for 21 days. That should fill the place up even if they're small works. We also went over to the Grass Valley Center for the Arts where Kris Johnson has a solo show. She makes collaged paintings out of silk ribbon. They are very attractive, abstract and colorful. The show at the Blueline Gallery in Roseville runs through March 13th. It's nice to have these relatively long-running shows. Usually, it seems like no sooner have you delivered your work, you're picking it up again. Right now, Kate and I are working on art pieces that include a wooden box. It is a fundraiser for Placer Arts which will be held in April. I envy Placer County's apparent health when it comes to arts organizations. I hope someday the Nevada County Arts Council will have a physical presence in the community again. Their website is pretty good, though.

2009-02-27 03:47:33 GMT