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Entry for April 4, 2009
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Above is a 24x20" mosaic background for a piece I'm working on. I kind of like the absent figure. The mosaic is made from broken glass that I got from a friend whose wife was a stained glass hobbyist. She died and he wanted to get rid of the boxes of glass. Using it this way doesn't take advantage of the translucency of the glass, but I like to use materials I have on hand. I keep getting little bits of glass in my fingers, though. I'm hoping to get four of these finished for a show in Sacramento in May. The Solomon Dubnick gallery is opening a new site on 25th Street, as well as having their space on 20th, at least until their lease runs out. The show in May is a ceramic show, but I don't know much more about it yet. I think Alan Dismuke, gallery director, was wanting to do this concurrently with the big ceramic conference in Davis. I used to go to that depending how I felt about the presenter. Now I don't go to the conference or participate in the ceramic show there, but I try to make it over to the Pence gallery and the Artery to see what they're showing. Sometimes the Davis Art Center has an interesting show, too. Kate and I took our boxes over to the Arts Center in downtown Auburn. Some artists put an amazing amount of effort into their creations. It should be an interesting show. The opening is Thursday, April 9th. Last weekend, we went to Sacramento and stopped by the show at Axis Gallery and the Center for Contemporary Arts next door. The show at the latter had a lot of computerized components which were malfunctioning. I think even if they were working, the effect was not worth the technical effort. The simpler non-electronic pieces were effective on their own. Ray Gonzales and Ron Peetz will have a show at the Axis in April. I hope to get to the opening on April 11th.

2009-04-04 17:29:14 GMT