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Entry for April 20, 2009

One of the finished icons. "She of the Root Vegetables (Blond)". It's probably about 24" in height. I'm mostly happy with the way they turned out. It's quite a difficult thing looking at one's work objectively. Last week, my husband and I went to the opening for the box show in Auburn. They stuck Kate and my boxes in the corner of a smaller room. Kate's should have been given a better spot to allow proper appreciation of the carving she did on the sides of the box. Also, they left off her statement and in its place repeated mine, which made no sense at all. I asked them to change it to what she wrote, but when Kate and I stopped by on our way to Sacramento, it was still that way. Oh well. Can't control everything. Kate and I saw Ron Peetz' and Ray Gonzales' show at the Axis Gallery in Sacramento. Ron's work was a collection of clever visual jokes, like a metal sign altered to read "Beware of God" and a granite grave marker engraved with "The End". Funny stuff. Ray was playful, too, with a group of red hot chili pepper themed ceramic work. Jalapeno peppers, dogs, and a few pieces riffing off of Bob Arneson's work. I especially liked his take on Arneson's typewriter, but he used an actual antique typewriter and replaced the keys with small jalapeno peppers. In the carriage was a very heartfelt letter thanking Ron for the invitation to be in the show and an explanation of his desire to do the Arneson influenced work. We went over to Verge Gallery, which is an amazing and huge space. The photography show there is quite intriguing. We didn't think the work at the Howard/Skinner gallery was as good as the Bee critic led us to believe, but we enjoyed the primitive "everyman" feel of the rough wood heads. Kate and I both thought the paintings, though pleasant enough, were less strong than the sculptures. One thing I especially enjoy when visiting Sacramento is walking through the park surrounding the state capital building. There are always interesting wedding parties being photographed amongst the flowers. The roses were blooming and huge. My daughter thinks Schwarzenegger is slipping them steroids. Maybe. Yesterday, I went to a local show for the Peace Center which was quite good. A beautiful photograph of a young woman's heavily tattoed back was especially nice. She was in a graceful pose with her arms stretched above her head, but mysteriously had a gauzy skirt-like thing emerging from her bottom. I found out from the photographer that this was a last-minute addition necessitated by the venue's refusal to show nudes. Isn't it weird how we're not afraid for children to be exposed to the violence routinely depicted in "entertainment" but fear that they might be harmed by seeing the bottom of a young woman?

2009-04-20 20:43:46 GMT