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Entry for February 4, 2008
Yay! Finally finished the tiling around the bath. I had a few rules for myself in the design. First, there was no pre-determined design. I figured out the design as I applied the tile. As a result, it looks a little like an Englishman's teeth. I got all the tiles, except for some cobalt penny tiles, at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. So, I had all these different tiles, a hammer, and a lot of mortar. Another rule was I couldn't cut any tile. Only broke it, or used already cut tiles from the ReStore. It was pretty tough trying to break the tile to custom fit tiny spaces in the mosaic. But now it's done and my hands are thrashed. It was a good week to do an inside project. Snow upon snow upon snow. Just like in Cristina Rosetti's poem, the earth as hard as iron. But this is California. February is supposed to be the time of crocus and violets. All that's out there now is hard crusty snow. Very pretty, but enough already.

2008-02-04 18:16:28 GMT