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Entry for February 20, 2008
Call any vegetable... I'm supposed to be making a carrot for a friend of a friend. My friend already has a carrot and was seen by her friend who supposedly admired it and wants one, too. Or she thinks she wants one. Who knows? With art, you never know if your friends buy things because they like them or they feel sorry for you. Friends with disposable income, that is. I just hope my artwork doesn't end up in a closet. Better a thrift store. So anyway, Kate is having a show in a local cafe in April. I guess both of us are having a show there, but my "real" work isn't really cafe material, so I'll be making some extra vegetables for that. Most people like my masks, but some get creeped out. I figure no one can object to an amiable vegetable. Right?

2008-02-21 04:30:49 GMT