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Entry for March 15, 2008
Some of the skeletons are finished. I still have to make them pedestals. It was almost disastrous doing raku this time. The skeletons stuck to some other things while I was trying to get them out (the glaze is molten and sticky), causing their limbs to go askew. Then as I was struggling with that the post-fire reduction box with newspapers was flaming wildly...for some reason I thought since it was pouring rain, this would keep the large box filled with shredded newspaper from igniting. Wrong. The end result may not have been worth the danger and the trouble. I do like the crackle, though. No luck in the juried art show sector these days... The Artery in Davis, which hosts an annual "California Clay Competition" sent an email saying "Dear artists, open the attachment and read it." Gee, I wonder what an attachment labeled "rletter" would be? It seemed like a tacky way to respond to artists. It's a lot of trouble to get an entry together, plus costs $ to enter. I think it's great to save paper and postage, but maybe they could have gone to the trouble of sending artists rejections in the body of the email and not as attachments to open. It's also very nice when a juror's statement is included with the rejection so you can understand where they were coming from. That would have been an attachment I wouldn't mind opening! I expect a rejection from the Lincoln "Feats of Clay" soon. I don't get too upset when I don't get into juried shows because there are so many variables and reasons for what is accepted. I know that I submitted really good work, and I know the process is very subjective, so aside from being out the bucks and missing an opportunity to show my work in public, I'm not too sad about it.

2008-03-15 23:07:17 GMT