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Entry for April 2, 2008
Kate and I hung our show at Java John's Cafe in Nevada City on Monday afternoon. They use picture moulding to hang from which doesn't work well for horizontal paintings or ceramic wall hangings. We used lots of goop to stick things to the wall, but it probably all peeled away and things are swaying and hanging wildly. We put moderate prices on our work and aren't holding our breath waiting for sales. Whatever happens happens, dudes. I just hope nobody bumps into one of my sculptures and knocks it down. I thought the finished show looks good, but of course I forgot the camera. Maybe I'll get over there this weekend and take some photos. I also somehow titled all my radishes as "turnips." I don't know why. I'll have to change that because they look more like radishes. People sipping their lattes probably look at them and think, "Hmmm, it says "turnip" but it looks like a radish." No, they probably don't think about it at all. Pictured at top is one of Kate's paintings.

2008-04-02 23:14:53 GMT