This installation, "Smashing Kitsch,"
was inspired by Susan Sontag's
essays on camp and Milan Kundera's
writing on kitsch in "Unbearable
Lightness of Being."
The idea was for the user to select a
thrift store ceramic kitsch item from
the top, and put it in the chamber.
Then, they would put their hands into
leather gloves attached to the
chamber on the inside and using the
hammer inside the chamber, smash
the kitsch item to smithereens.
The resulting debris was then swept
down the pipe underneath to the
It was displayed at the John
Natsoulas Gallery during a ceramic
sculpture show, which made the
sound of breaking ceramics
throughout the gallery especially
At left, the pristine unused Kitsch
Smasher in the Morris Garage.
At right, the used and replenished
Kitsch Smasher at the gallery.
Installed in April 2006, at the John
Natsoulas Gallery in Davis, California.